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 Vol. 5, Νο. 3, 1986

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Electrical stability of artificial membranes.
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 Vol. 5, Νο. 4, 1986

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 Vol. 5, Νο. 5, 1986

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Effect of air ions on L 1210 cells: changes in fluorescence of membrane-bound 1,8-aniline-naphthalene-sulfonate (ANS) after in vitro exposure of cells to air ions.
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Selection in regulated autocatalytic systems.
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Heart sarcolemmal (Na+ + K+)-ATPase has an essential amino group in the potassium binding site on the enzyme molecule.
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Effects of quinidine on the electrical activity and contractile responses of the guinea-pig ureter smooth muscle.
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A device for the recording of isolated muscle cell contractions using silicone tensometer.
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 Vol. 5, Νο. 6, 1986

TEA-insensitive K-channels in the crab giant axon.
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Effects of caffeine on the electrical and mechanical activity of guinea-pig ureter smooth muscle.
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Two different tetrodotoxin-separable inward sodium currents in the membrane of isolated cardiomyocytes.
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Effects of KC 3791 on sodium and potassium channels in frog node of Ranvier.
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Modelling of the effects of Na+ and Ca2+ ions on the generation of action potentials by rabbit heart true pacemaker cells.
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The mode of action of some antibiotics on red blood cell membranes.
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Effect of lysophosphatidylcholine on salt permeability through the erythrocyte membrane under haemolytic conditions.
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