Vol. 9, No. 1, 1990

Some properties of sodium channels in neuroblastoma cells modified with scorpion toxin and chloramine-T. Single channel measurements.
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Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Feb;9(1):3-17.

A practical method for the analysis of osmotic-and-diffusive energy conversion.
Kargol M.
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Cellular distribution of the hamster liver specific nucleolar antigens.
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Thallium and rubidium permeability of human and rat erythrocyte membrane.
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Effect of oxidized phospholipids on the chemiluminescence of zymosan-activated leukocytes.
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The effect of neomycin on contractile activity of the canine cervical lymphatic vessel induced by various agents.
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Tetracaine inhibition of electron transport in pea chloroplasts is coupled to calcium displacement by the local anesthetic.
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Comparison of the effects of dDAVP and AVP on the sodium transport in the frog skin.
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Effects of dihydropyridine CGP on currents through the calcium channels in frog skeletal muscle.
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 Vol. 9, No. 2, 1990

Ion channels in human endothelial cells.
Nilius B, Riemann D.
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Voltage dependence of depolarization-contraction coupling processes in skeletal muscle cells.
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Conformational state of thin myofilament proteins in normal and chronically failing heart.
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Omega-conotoxin blockade of calcium currents in cultured neonatal rat cardiomyocytes: different action on EGTA-modified calcium channels.
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Aconitine-induced modification of single sodium channels in neuroblastoma cell membrane.
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Calmodulin interaction with mesocaine-modified lipid bilayer.
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Thermal stability of electron transport in PS II membranes and particles from the thermophilic cyanobacteria.
Kaurov YuN, Belyanskaya GK, Ivanov II, Rubin AB.
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 Vol. 9, No. 3, 1990

Changes of calcium channel inactivation during run-down.
Markwardt F, Nilius B.
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Heart muscle: mathematical modelling of the mechanical activity and modelling of mechanochemical uncoupling.
Katsnelson LB, Izakov VYa, Markhasin VS.
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The influence of the rate of rigor state development on its tension in single muscle fibre.
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Caffeine and the myoplasmic calcium removal mechanisms in cut frog skeletal muscle fibres.
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Effects of local anesthetics on mechanical characteristics of lipid bilayers and on the ion transport dynamics.
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Calcium affects phosphoinositide turnover in human erythrocytes.
Folk P, Strunecká A.
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Red blood cells under mechanical stress.
Kodíček M, Suttnar J, Mirčevová L, Mařík T.
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The axial repeats in paracrystals of light meromyosin and its complex with C-protein.
Podlubnaya ZA, Freydina NA, Lednev VV.
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Lipid peroxidation-induced changes in physical properties of annular lipids in rat brain synaptosomal membranes.
Binková B, Erin AN, Šrám RJ, Topinka J.
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 Vol. 9, No. 4, 1990

The dihydropyridine-sensitive calcium channel of the skeletal muscle: biochemistry and structure.
Nastainczyk W, Ludwig A, Hofmann F.
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Time courses of lidocaine effects on sodium membrane currents in small and large neurons.
Bingmann D, Lipinski HG, Hagemann G, Speckmann EJ, Tetsch P.
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The Ca2+ antagonists binding cytosolic protein has properties of the Ca2+ channel.
Križanová O, Hurňák O, Hudecová S.
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Raman spectroscopy of the "potential sensor" of potential-dependent channels.
Maksimov GV, Churin AA, Paschenko VZ, Rubin AB.
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Photoorientation, motility and pigmentation in a freshwater peridinium affected by ultraviolet radiation.
Häder DP, Liu SM, Häder M, Ullrich W.
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Semiconductor properties of melanins prepared from catecholamines.
Jastrzebska MM, Stepień K, Wilczok J, Porebska-Budny M, Wilczok T.
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Serum and brain aminopeptidase activities in cyclic rats.
de Gandarias JM, Ramirez M, Echevarria E, Irazusta J, Casis L.
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Rimantadine effects on the elasticity of bilayer lipid membranes and on ion transport through gramicidin D channels.
Hianik T, Laputková G, Poláková K.
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Stimulation of the sodium transport across the frog skin by three N-terminally extended arginine-vasopressins.
Ponec J, Bakoš P, Lichardus B, Alexandrová M, Lammek B, Rekowski P, Kupryszewski G.
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Interaction of Mn(II) ions with human serum albumin.
Chikvaidze EN.
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Two distinct conformers coexist in a synthetic DNA poly(dA-dT).Poly(dA-dT) in low-salt aqueous solution.
Kypr J, Sági J, Szabolcs A, Ebinger K, Otvös L, Vorlíčková M.
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Photodegradation of hyaluronic acid and of the vitreous body.
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 Vol. 9, No. 5, 1990

Modulation of calcium channel function in nerve cell membrane.
Kostyuk PG, Doroshenko PA.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Oct;9(5):433-443.

Ryanodine receptor purified from crayfish skeletal muscle.
Formelová J, Hurňák O, Novotová M, Zachar J.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Oct;9(5):445-453.

Non-junctional modulation of neurogenic twitches of the guinea-pig ileum by some peptides and other compounds in the triple bath.
Kadlec O, Mašek K, Ševčík J, Šeferna I.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Oct;9(5):455-464.

Mutual interactions of the phosphate groups in locally deformed backbones of various DNA double helices at high salt concentrations.
Jursa J, Kypr J.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Oct;9(5):465-476.

Na+-Ca2+ exchange in locust striated muscles.
Juhászová M, Ruščák M, Zachar J, Novotová M.
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Hybridization frequencies of different mammalian cell types by electrofusion.
Široký J, Cervenka J.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Oct;9(5):489-499.

Hydroxylamine as an inhibitor and terminal acceptor in the respiratory chain of the bacterium Paracoccus denitrificans.
Kučera I, Skládal P.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Oct;9(5):501-517.

Interaction of Cibacron Blue 3GA and Remazol Brilliant Blue R with the nucleotide binding site of lactate dehydrogenase and (Na+ + K+)-ATPase.
Ďurišová V, Vrbanová A, Ziegelhöffer A, Breier A.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Oct;9(5):519-528.

Adsorption of bovine muscle lactate dehydrogenase to erythrocyte membranes.
Dabrowska A, Gutowicz J, Terlecki G.
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Concentration dependent active transport, osmotically active nonpermeable component and bioreactor volume regulation.
Wierzchaczewski M, Bartoszkiewicz M.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Oct;9(5):535-540.

 Vol. 9, No. 6, 1990

Effects of ruthenium red on excitation and contraction in muscle fibres with Ca2+ electrogenesis.
Zacharová D, Uhrík B, Henček M, Lipskaja E, Pavelková J.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Dec;9(6):545-568.

Memory is a property of an ion channels pool: ion channels formed by Staphylococcus aureus alpha-toxin.
Krasilnikov OV, Merzliak PG, Sabirov RZ, Tashmukhamedov BA.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Dec;9(6):569-575.

Species-dependent differences in the influence of ionic strength on potassium transport of erythrocytes. The role of membrane fluidity and Ca2+.
Erdmann A, Bernhardt I, Herrmann A, Glaser R.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Dec;9(6):577-588.

Conformational changes in bovine heart myosin as studied by EPR and DSC techniques.
Lörinczi D, Hoffmann U, Pótó L, Belágyi J, Laggner P.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Dec;9(6):589-603.

Suppression of natriferic activity of the vasopressin molecule by modifications in positions 1, 2 and 4.
Bakoš P, Ponec J, Alexandrová M, Lichardus B, Lammek B, Rekowski P, Kupryszewski G.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Dec;9(6):605-613.

Investigation of spectrin binding to phospholipid vesicles using isoindole fluorescent probe. Thermal properties of the bound and unbound protein.
Michalak K, Bobrowska M, Sikorski AF.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Dec;9(6):615-624.

Electron spin resonance study of chloroplast photosynthetic activity in the presence of amphiphilic amines.
Šeršeň F, Balgavý P, Devínsky F.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Dec;9(6):625-633.

Two types of potassium channels from the internal membrane system of the crayfish muscle incorporated into planar lipid bilayers.
Hurňák O, Zachar J.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Dec;9(6):635-641.

DHP-sensitive Ca2+ channels from crayfish skeletal muscle T-tubules incorporated into planar lipid bilayers.
Hurňák O, Proks P, Križanová O, Zachar J.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1990 Dec;9(6):643-646.