General Physiology and Biophysics

An International Journal

Vol. 35, No. 4 (2016)

It takes two T to shape immunity: emerging role for T-type calcium channels in immune cells


Lacinova L, Weiss N

Hemodynamic properties and arterial structure in male rat offspring with fetal hypothyroidism


Ghanbari M, Bagheripuor F, Piryaei A, Zahediasl S, Noroozzadeh M, Ghasemi A

Hidden information in three-axial ECG data of normal subjects: Fractal dimensions of corresponding points from successive QRS loops as a potential sport and age dependent marker


Čalošević S, Dinjar K, Čalošević S, Kurbel S, Steiner R

Effect of low frequency pulsed magnetic field on gravitropic response and cell elongation in coleoptiles of maize seedlings


Kościarz-Grzesiok A, Sieroń-Stołtny K, Polak M, Sieroń A, Karcz W

L-arginine supplementation attenuates capillary regression without increasing integrated succinate dehydrogenase activity and VEGF expression in skeletal muscle during hindlimb unloading


Uchida K, Tanaka M, Kondo H, Ishihara A, Fujino H

A comparative study between the effect of 17-β estradiol and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor on osteoporosis in ovariectomized rats


Alaam MM, Hussien NI

Swimming training affects apoptosis-related microRNAs and reduces cardiac apoptosis in mice


Zhao Y, Ma Z

Apoptotic mechanisms of nickel(II)complex with N1-acetylacetone, N4-4-methoxy-salicylidene-S-allyl-thiosemicarbazone on HL60 leukemia cells


Kaya B, Atasever-Arslan B, Kalkan Z, Gür H, Ülküseven B

Hypericin fluorescence kinetics in the presence of low density lipoproteins: study on quail CAM assay for topical delivery


Buríková M, Bilčík B, Máčajová M, Výboh P, Bizik J, Mateašík A, Miškovský P, Čavarga I

Influance of regular swimming on serum levels of CRP, IL-6, TNF-α in high-fat diet-induced type 2 diabetic rats


Ghiasi R, Ghadiri Soufi F, Mohaddes G, Alihemmati A, Somi MH, Ebrahimi H, Mirzaie Bavil F, Alipour MR

Ultrastructural remodelling of slow skeletal muscle fibres in creatine kinase deficient mice: a quantitative study


Novotová M, Tarabová B, Tylková L, Ventura-Clapier R, Zahradník I

Effects of exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields on the differentiation of Th17 T cells and regulatory T cells


Lee YJ, Hyung KE, Yoo JS, Jang YW, Kim SJ, Lee DI, Lee SJ, Park SY, Jeong JH, Hwang KW

The expression of P-gp in leukemia cells is associated with cross-resistance to protein N-glycosylation inhibitor tunicamycin


Pavlikova L, Seres M, Imrichova D, Hano M, Rusnak A, Zamorova M, Katrlik J, Breier A, Sulova Z

Inhibition of VEGF mediated post receptor signalling pathways by recently developed tyrosine kinase inhibitor in comparison with sunitinib


Moravčík R, Stebelová K, Boháč A, Zeman M

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