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Vol. 33, No. 3 (2014)

Most frequent molecular and immunohistochemical markers present in selected types of brain tumors. (Review)


Richterová R, Jurečeková J, Evinová A, Kolarovszki B, Benčo M, De Riggo J, Sutovský J, Mahmood S, Račay P, Dobrota D.


The new low shear viscosimeter LS300 for determination of viscosities of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.


Ruef P, Gehm J, Gehm L, Felbinger C, Pöschl J, Kuss N.


Determination of whole blood and plasma viscosity by means of flow curve analysis.


Ruef P, Gehm J, Gehm L, Felbinger C, Pöschl J, Kuss N.


ERK inhibitor U0126 enhanced SDT-induced cytotoxicity of human leukemia U937 cells.


Su X, Wang X, Zhang K, Yang S, Xue Q, Wang P, Liu Q.


Spatial abilities are not related to testosterone levels and variation in the androgen receptor in healthy young men.


Kubranská A, Lakatošová S, Schmidtová E, Durdiaková J, Celec P, Ostatníková D.

A chloride conductance exhibiting bicarbonate conductivity in renal inner medullary collecting duct cells. 321-334

Bolívar JJ, Lara-Figueroa CO, Martínez-Mayorquin RH, Monroy-Romero F, Arenas G.


Ouabain modulation of snail Br neuron bursting activity after the exposure to 10 mT static magnetic field revealed by Higuchi fractal dimension.


Kesić S, Nikolić L, Savić AG, Petković B, Spasić SZ.

Thromboembolic injury and systemic toxicity induced by nicotine in mice. 345-355 

Fahim MA, Nemmar A, Al-Salam S, Dhanasekaran S, Shafiullah M, Yasin J, Hassan MY.


Heart ventricles specific stress-induced changes in β-adrenoceptors and muscarinic receptors.


Tillinger A, Novakova M, Krizanova O, Kvetnansky R, Myslivecek J.


Role of Mas receptor in renal blood flow response to angiotensin (1-7) in male and female rats.


Nematbakhsh M, Safari T.