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Vol. 33, No. 4 (2013)

Characterization of membrane-bound fatty acid desaturases.  445-458

Klempova T, Mihalik D, Certik M.

Genetic aspects of vitamin D receptor and metabolism in relation to the risk of multiple sclerosis.  459-466

Krizova L, Kollar B, Jezova D, Turcani P.

Nuclear receptors - target molecules for isoflavones in cancer chemoprevention.  467-478

Bialešová L, Brtko J, Lenko V, Macejová D.

Interactions of y+LAT1 and 4F2hc in the y+l amino acid transporter complex: consequences of lysinuric protein intolerance-causing mutations.  479-488

Toivonen M, Tringham M, Kurko J, Terho P, Simell O, Heiskanen KM, Mykkänen J.

Effects of the blood components on the AMPA and NMDA synaptic responses in brain slices in the onset of hemorrhagic stroke.  489-504

Mokrushin AA, Pavlinova LI.

ABT-737 accelerates butyrate-induced death of HL-60 cells. Involvement of mitochondrial apoptosis pathway.  505-516

Stefaniková A, Kliková K, Hatok J, Račay P.

Suppression of exaggerated neuronal oscillations by oxytocin in a rat model of Parkinson's disease.  517-525

Erbas O, Oltulu F, Taskiran D.

Attenuated vascular responsiveness to K+ channel openers in diabetes mellitus: the differential role of reactive oxygen species.  527-534 

Owu DU, Orie NN, Nwokocha CR, Muzyamba M, Clapp LH, Osim EE.

Quercetin attenuates oxidative stress in the blood plasma of rats bearing DMBA-induced mammary cancer and treated with a combination of doxorubicin and docetaxel.  535-543

Tabaczar S, Pieniążek A, Czepas J, Piasecka-Zelga J, Gwoździński K, Koceva-Chyła A.

The phenomenon of synaptic vesicle clustering as the prefusion state in the model system of exocytosis.  545-558

Gumenyuk VP, Chunikhin AJ, Himmelreich NH, Trikash IO.

Comparative spectroscopic studies on liposomes containing chlorophyll a and chlorophyllide a.  559-567

Milenkovic SM, Bărbînţă-Pătraşcu ME, Baranga G, Markovic DZ, Tugulea L.

Physiological regulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines expression in rat cardiovascular tissues by sympathetic nervous system and angiotensin II.  569-575

Dab H, Hachani R, Sakly M, Bricca G, Kacem K.

Protective effects of Artemisia campestris upon fenthion-induced nephrotoxicity in adult rats and their progeny.  577-588

Sefi M, Troudi A, Hamida FB, Soudani N, Boudawara T, Zeghal N.

Aquaporin, forward osmosis and biomimetic membranes.  589-594
    Kocherginsky N.