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Vol. 31, No. 1 (2012)

Biologic effects of SMF and paclitaxel on K562 human leukemia cells.  

Sun RG, Chen WF, Qi H, Zhang K, Bu T, Liu Y, Wang SR

Changes in cellular response to the damage induced in PC-3 prostate cancer cells by proton microbeam irradiation.  

Lipiec EW, Wiecheć A, Dulińska-Litewka J, Kubica M, Lekki J, Stachura Z, Wiltowska-Zuber J, Kwiatek WM

Electroporation-induced changes in normal immature rat myoblasts (H9C2).  

Kaminska I, Kotulska M, Stecka A, Saczko J, Drag-Zalesinska M, Wysocka T, Choromanska A, Skolucka N, Nowicki R, Marczak J, Kulbacka J

Neither inhalative nor intravenous application of carbon monoxide modifies gastric mucosal oxygenation.  

Vollmer C, Schwartges I, Obermiller K, Beck C, Picker O

Characteristic induction of steroidogenic factor 1 (SF-1) and DAX-1 and enhanced expression of glucocorticoid synthesis-related genes in adrenals from spontaneously hypertensive rats.  

Harikai N

Quercetin and epigallocatechin gallate effects on the cell membranes biophysical properties correlate with their antioxidant potential.  

Margina D, Ilie M, Manda G, Neagoe I, Mocanu M, Ionescu D, Gradinaru D, Ganea C

Free-radical degradation of high-molar-mass hyaluronan induced by ascorbate plus cupric ions: testing of stobadine and its two derivatives in function as antioxidants.  

Surovcikova-Machova L, Valachova K, Banasova M, Snirc V, Priesolova E, Nagy M, Juranek I, Soltes L

Pancreatic islets from dexamethasone-treated rats show alterations in global gene expression and mitochondrial pathways.  

Roma LP, Souza KL, Carneiro EM, Boschero AC, Bosqueiro JR

Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity evaluation of antidote oxime HI-6 tested on eight cell lines of human and rodent origin.  

Svobodova H, Jost P, Stetina R

Alleviation of genotoxic effects of cyclophosphamide using encapsulation into liposomes in the absence or presence of vitamin C.  

Tohamy AA, Abdel Azeem AA, Shafaa MW, Mahmoud WS

Glutamate receptors and the airways hyperreactivity.  

Strapkova A, Antosova M

Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and its diagnostically important metabolites in the brain.  

Bittšanský M, Výbohová D, Dobrota D

Estimation of rate constants of drug binding to open channels of cardiac transient outward current. (Short Communication) 113-116

Simurda J, Simurdová M