Vol. 11, No. 1, 1992

The animal and human plasma membrane (Ca2++Mg2+)-ATPases – approaches to molecular arrangements of functional parts and oxidative changes.
Földes-Papp Z.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Feb;11(1):3-38.

Ammonia and proton gated channel populations in trigeminal ganglion neurons.
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Alamethicin-induced pore formation in biological membranes.
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Threshold stimulation and accommodation of the Hodgkin-Huxley axon.
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Effect of stimulus (postsynaptic current) shape on fibre excitation.
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Group conduction velocities and nerve fibre diameters of α and γ-motoneurons from lower sacral nerve roots of the dog and humans.
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Recruitment within the groups of γ1, α2 and α3-motoneurons in dogs and humans following bladder and anal catheter pulling.
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Ventral root afferent and dorsal root efferent fibres in dog and human lower sacral nerve roots.
Schalow G.
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 Vol. 11, No. 2, 1992

Lorenz-Mie light scattering in cellular biology.
Uličný J.
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Ionic requirements for the activation of contraction in embryonic frog myoblasts in culture.
Nasledov GA, Lukyanenko WI, Katina IE, Lonsky AV.
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Nonlinear relationship between V+max and h in frog skeletal muscle.
Nánási PP, Dankó M, Varró A, Lathrop DA.
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CFU-S and haematopoietic microenvironment in mice after fractionated irradiation. A study on spleen colonies.
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Studies of osmo-diffusive and energetic properties of the maize root.
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Study of activated oxygen production by some thiols using chemiluminescence.
Benov LC, Ribarov SR, Monovich OH.
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Polyamines as modulators of lipoperoxidation.
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Bile salts binding-induced alterations in ultraviolet absorption spectrum of bovine serum albumin.
Farruggia B, Picó G.
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Role of electrostatic forces in hydroxy and keto bile salt-albumin interactions: some experimental observations.
Farruggia B, Picó G.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Apr;11(2):219-224.

 Vol. 11, No. 3, 1992

Thermally-induced delayed fluorescence of photosystem I and II chlorophyll in thermophilic cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus.
Kaurov YuN, Aksyonova GE, Lovyagina ER, Ivanov II, Rubin AB.
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Anthroylcholine bromide: a fluorescent ligand for the muscarinic receptor.
Ripoll C, Rubio E, Soria B.
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Interactions of selected insect neuropeptides with synthetic lipids.
Hendrich AB, Konopinska D.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Jun;11(3):251-260.

Inhibitory effect of piperidinoethylesters of alkoxyphenylcarbamic acids on photosynthesis.
Kráľová K, Šeršeň E, Čižmárik J.
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Partition of piperidinoethylesters of 2-alkyloxyphenylcarbamic acid in unilamellar phosphatidylcholine liposomes.
Balgavý P, Benedikovič I, Kopecká B, Gallová J.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Jun;11(3):269-272.

Absorption and Raman spectroscopy study of cyt c-thiol complexes in acidic solutions.
Tomková A, Antalík M, Bágeľová J, Miškovský P, Uličný J.
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Species-dependent differences in the effect of ionic strength on potassium transport of erythrocytes: the role of lipid composition.
Bernhardt I, Seidler G, Ihrig I, Erdmann A.
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Non-enzymatic glycosylation of myosin: effects of diabetes and ageing.
Syrový I, Hodný Z.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Jun;11(3):301-307.

 Vol. 11, No. 4, 1992

Activation heat in various cross-striated muscles of Rana esculenta: microcalorimetric measurements.
Lörinczi D, Tigyi J.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Aug;11(4):311-316.

Effect of lipid peroxidation on molecular arrangement of phospholipids in liposomes prepared from egg yolk phosphatidylcholine or total rat brain lipids. A 31P NMR study.
Mišík V, Ondriaš K, Balgavý P.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Aug;11(4):317-325.

Haematoporphyrin changes the mechanical properties of lipid bilayer membranes.
Hianik T, Masaryková D, Zhorina LV, Poroshina MYu, Chernyaeva EB.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Aug;11(4):327-336.

The effect of arsenate and vanadate ions on the critical cell volume of bovine erythrocytes.
Mosior M, Krawczak-Sadowska T, Wróbel A, Białas WA, Gomułkiewicz J.
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A spin probe study of the effects of chlorpromazine and its derivatives on lipid-protein interactions in synaptosomal membranes.
Ondriaš K, Biskupič S, Staško A, Pogády J.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Aug;11(4):345-357.

Hydroosmotic activities of arginine-vasopressins modified either in positions 1, 2 and 4 or at N-terminal extensions.
Bakoš P, Shakhmatova EI, Ponec J, Alexandrová M, Lichardus B, Lammek B, Rekowski P, Kupryszewski G.
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Characterisation of the potassium influx in rat erythrocytes.
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Maxi chloride channels in L6 myoblasts.
Hurňák O, Zachar J.
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Semi-automatic analysis of unit channel conductance from voltage ramp records.
Stavrovský I, Hurňák O, Zachar J.
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 Vol. 11, No. 5, 1992

Calcium-binding proteins: basic concepts and clinical implications.
Heizmann CW.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Oct;11(5):411-425.

Distribution of calcium during contraction and relaxation of crayfish skeletal muscle fibre.
Poledna J, Šimurdová A.
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Comparison of 9-aminoacridine and atebrine induced changes in optical, electrical and mechanical characteristics of lipid bilayers.
Proks P, Hianik T, Kvasnička P.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Oct;11(5):441-458.

Model of distribution of anticancer agents transplanted into the brain tissue using the random walk method.
Polák J, Kvasnička P, Chorvát D, Kállay Z.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Oct;11(5):459-468.

The graviosmotic hypothesis of xylem transport of water in plants.
Kargol M.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Oct;11(5):469-487.

Comparison of cytochrome P-450- and peroxidase-mediated activations of carcinogenic azo dyes and N-nitrosamines.
Stiborová M, Frei E, Schmeiser HH.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Oct;11(5):489-498.

Critical cell volume and shape of bovine erythrocytes.
Mosior M, Białas WA, Wróbel A, Gomułkiewicz J.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Oct;11(5):499-506.

Potassium channel blockers from Ruta – a new approach for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.
Bohuslavizki KH, Hänsel W, Kneip A, Koppenhöfer E, Reimers A.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Oct;11(5):507-512.

 Vol. 11, No. 6, 1992

Local oscillations of frog skeletal muscle sarcomeres induced by subthreshold concentration of caffeine.
Poledna J, Šimurdová A.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Dec;11(6):513-521.

Force-frequency relations in hypertrophic heart muscle: a mathematical model for excitation-contraction coupling.
Mukumov MR, Isaeva SA, Belaya ML, Pratusevich VR.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Dec;11(6):523-533.

Interaction of diltiazem with single L-type calcium channels in guinea-pig ventricular myocytes.
Zahradníková A, Zahradník I.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Dec;11(6):535-543.

Temperature studies of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase binding to liposomes using fluorescence technique.
Michalak K, Gutowicz J, Modrzycka T.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Dec;11(6):545-554.

Modulation of high affinity phenylalkylamine binding sites on cultured human embryonal vascular smooth muscle cells.
Dřímal J.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Dec;11(6):555-565.

Effects of dimethyl sulfoxide and polycationic neomycin on stimulation of purified plasma membrane Ca2+-pump by negatively charged phospholipids.
Lehotský J, Raeymaekers L, Casteels R.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Dec;11(6):567-577.

Cleavage by restriction enzymes of DNA modified with the antitumour drug cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II).
Balcarová Z, Mrázek J, Kleinwächter V, Brabec V.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Dec;11(6):579-588.

Sensitivity of the brain synaptosomal membrane Mg2+-ATPase activity to arachidonic acid is under control of the Na+,K+-ATPase state.
Okun IM, Lyskova TI, Aksentsev SL, Konev SV.
Gen Physiol Biophys 1992 Dec;11(6):589-598.